Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I use cultured marble in my bathroom?

A. Cultured marble is crushed marble particles mixed with polyester reins that form a surface that is sealed with a gel coat and is sanitary and virtually impervious to stains and water. It is a low maintenance product—tub and shower walls have a minimum number of seams, diminishing leakage and allergy-causing mold and mildew problems.

Real marble is a naturally porous stone and will stain easily. Natural stone products need to be disinfected and re-sealed every 6-12 months. Ceramic tile has the ongoing problems with mold and mildew growing in the grout, necessitating disinfecting and resealing the grout on a regular basis. Consider having our cultured marble corner seat or bench seat in your shower as a hygienic alternative to a natural stone seat. Unlike natural stone and ceramic, cultured marble products remain at room temperature and are never cold to the touch. And of course, you have a wide-ranging choice of styles, colors and types of cultured marble to choose from.

Q. Can cultured marble be used in a steam shower?

A. Yes, we can manufacture a custom Steam Shower that incorporates cultured marble panels and a bench seat. It is important that we know this will be a STEAM shower, as we take additional steps to reinforce the portions of the panels with fiberglass that will be near the steam source. This ensures the integrity of the cultured marble in this application. We also require a weaping box off the steam pipe.

Q. How can I see the colors you offer? 

A. Our Showroom is open to the public, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. You do not need an appointment during our normal business hours, however nights and weekends are by appointment only. All the colors and finishes we offer are available for you to view–you may even pick up sample pieces to take home. We have hundreds of colors you may select to match or coordinate with other bath fixtures, flooring and cabinets. Custom colors are available upon request. Technology has not yet met our high standards to duplicate our colors in print. Stop in for the real thing.

Q. Will the caulk in my shower crack?

A. It is unlikely that the 100% silicone used to seal cultured marble will crack. If caulk becomes loose from a joint, it should be replaced as soon as possible. This is minor routine maintenance. Call us to repair it for you.

Q. Can I install cultured marble myself?

A. Installation of cultured marble vanity tops, tubs and shower surrounds is not too difficult for the individual who is experienced in home repair projects. Vanity tops need to be measured to fit your cabinet with adequate overhang, if desired. Bowl placement has to be determined. For tub or shower walls, the wall surface must be plumb, square and flat. Depending upon which material you choose, the cement board behind the cultured marble may need to be painted a flat white. Holes for the plumbing fixtures (and recessed accessory pieces) are cut on site. Each wall piece must be "dry fitted" and cleaned before installation. Wall pieces may need to be cut and/or scribed for proper fit. 100% clear silicone caulk, mold and mildew resisted, is used.

A skilled professional best accomplishes the installation of cultured marble vanity tops and shower walls. Aside from the weight of larger vanity tops and the handing of large wall panels, plus the accurate measuring, subsequent "dryfitting" and possible scribing of panels, perfect installation becomes quite a project for most of us. Have your contractor call us with any questions.

Q. How are chips and scratches repaired?

A. You can remove light scratches with a high quality automotive polish and an electric buffer (minimum 2000 RPM). Chips and minor blemishes need to be repaired by an experienced repair professional with the correct materials and skill. Call us for more information.

Q. What are those those tiny cracks I've seen around drains? 

A. Crazing defines those hairline or spider cracks. This may be a problem with porcelain, fiberglass, Corian® or cultured marble basins because of the hot and cold water thermal shock. It is recommended that your hot water tank temperature is 120°F or less to effectively reduce this problem.

Q. How about care and cleaning of cultured marble or natural stone?

A. Please refer to our  maintenance pages to learn the proper care for your cultured marble or natural stone.

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions that have not been answered on this page at (413) 786-8500.

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